Equine Cranial

Equine Cranio-sacralCranio-sacral work is derived from osteopathy and is a gentle method of treatment which assesses and treats the whole body, paying particular interest to the cranium and its link through the spine to the sacrum and pelvis.  This “core-link” influences the body by its effect on the muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia, which runs to all parts of the body.

Like any animal, humans included, horses need to stay in balance and if any injury or trauma has occurred the body compensates to maintain balance.  Over time this can create stress through joints and the tightening of muscles.

The horse’s skull is under the most pressure of any part of the body, due in part to bits, bridles, nosebands dental work and trauma.

Treatment aims to rebalance the body releasing both soft tissues, bones and fascia to remove compensations in posture and compressions in the structure such as nerves, blood vessels, cranial sinuses and the tempero-mandibular joint.  The aim is to generally improve the posture and biomechanics of the horse.

Horse before equine cranial treatment

Before treatment

Horse before equine cranial treatment

After treatment

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